i can taste the gunmetal in my mouth... (moistorama) wrote in onestyle,
i can taste the gunmetal in my mouth...

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you cannot deny...

plain hat no logo no nothing 4$... fuck all that mesh trucker shit.
stolen sweatshirt with silkscreened karoke king on it.. must be navy blue. hood over hat. hat of course must be straight or up in the air.. all that slightly sideways nonsense is for fucking dumb kids who think they're "radical".
huge 5$ "avaitor" type glasses.. worn over presciption glasses of course.. you have to love the nerve to wear two pairs of glasses.
your girls (or some girls) white thin sweatshirt around your nueck under the hood... like it's a fucking towel or something.
collared or rugby shirt. pinks and blues. black is for nerds and white is for sissies.
relaxed fit chinos or grey/navy blue/green kahkis. all racked of course you cannot afford nice pants.. they must be nice.. even if you go paint in them.
socks are for sissies.
reeboks blue suede or white leather... or flip fops from walgreeens.

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