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:: converse about converse ::

alright, i own a pair of converse.
what the hell does that make me now?
they're comfortable shoes, indeed...
but look what i ripped out from the Toronto Star's issue on "fashion".
(sorry about the bad condition, the paper was floating in my bag for a while)

Not only did this article say PINK IS IN (vomit)
but look at the price of those high tops!
I have some friends who told me they're selling them in Scarborough for more!
Didn't high tops used to cost 10-20 buck$ in the 70s?
And since then converse haven't really changed anything.
I mean, it's all pretty much the same shoe now, as it was back then.
Which, i think is a great thing, but 50-75$?!
(and you KNOW you have to buy dr.scholls for these babies!)

So, what are people paying for now?
They're paying for the trend.
Pretty greedy for converse, wouldn't you say?

wow, it costs to be behind on the "trends" huh?
So, if you want to buy a pair of converse, i know they have rip off lowtops
at pay-less shoe stores in canada for 20$.
But otherwise, i'd wade this shit out, until they become "passe"...
then buy them for the price their worth.

this is just dirty.
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