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:: converse about converse ::

alright, i own a pair of converse.
what the hell does that make me now?
they're comfortable shoes, indeed...
but look what i ripped out from the Toronto Star's issue on "fashion".
(sorry about the bad condition, the paper was floating in my bag for a while)

Not only did this article say PINK IS IN (vomit)
but look at the price of those high tops!
I have some friends who told me they're selling them in Scarborough for more!
Didn't high tops used to cost 10-20 buck$ in the 70s?
And since then converse haven't really changed anything.
I mean, it's all pretty much the same shoe now, as it was back then.
Which, i think is a great thing, but 50-75$?!
(and you KNOW you have to buy dr.scholls for these babies!)

So, what are people paying for now?
They're paying for the trend.
Pretty greedy for converse, wouldn't you say?

wow, it costs to be behind on the "trends" huh?
So, if you want to buy a pair of converse, i know they have rip off lowtops
at pay-less shoe stores in canada for 20$.
But otherwise, i'd wade this shit out, until they become "passe"...
then buy them for the price their worth.

this is just dirty.
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i like what you have posted. i was acutally talking about something along those lines last nite. i really hate how much of our money goes to 'profit'
dont you think our economy would be a lot more balanced if we just paid for what we got and maybe a LITTLE profit, cause i know the world will never stop being needy for the green paper. i just dont think its very fair. or logical. i think everyones well being should be put before certain peoples bank accounts. but...oh well.
i think, if companies can milk it for all it's worth... and get away with it,
they will.

and it's not even always Profit. Shippers, recievers, all the middle men. The products goes to so many people before it actually ends up in a store, and they all want some cash for it.

Cut the middle man, that's what i say.

As for the profit, it's up to the people in society to know when and when they're not being ripped off.

there's nothing we can really do except be educated.



14 years ago


14 years ago

hahaha... when they first came out, *only* poor people wore converse. they were called "canvas top shoes"
this is funny.
haha.. i bet anyday now, you can convince some baby boomer snot nose rich mother fucker that garbage bags are IN!

and get them to pay 75$ for one...hehe.

what do they know.
we have them for $35 in america. but we pay the price...we have to live in america.
yah.. that sucks..



14 years ago

And out of all that I find it funny that I bought my high tops at the Goodwill for $6 (Canadian).They are the old vintage burgandy chucks too.. they are a few sizes to big but I refuse to pay that amount ($50 - $75)for a new pair. Just search around at flea markets,rummage sales, yard sales, second hand shops.. and your sure to come across a pair of converse..low or high tops. Not only is the money your paying going to a good cause but their used.. and those are the best types of chucks.. worn in and beautiful.
I often come across many pairs of chuck taylor low tops.. so I know that they are serculating out there..its sad to know when a kid went out and paid full price for the things.. when it isn't worth it.
yah, i bought a pair of purple converse hightops for my brother at value village for 5$, but they were too small for him.

but it is possible to find those suckers floating around out there.
hahah damn... i still have three pairs from when i was a kid. of course they've got duct tape wrapped around them from wearing out ollie holes on the sides. maybe that'll be in fashion soon and i'll be on top!

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14 years ago


14 years ago

i get my imitation 'black star' chuck's imported from europe at a whopping 3 bucks a pair...
man, this even happened here. I never wore converse (and probably never will) but the trend hit us all the way over here too. They are actually selling them for 40-60 euro, which is about the same price in US $. Just stick something in enough shop windows and everyone has to go out and buy it. We just have to wait till they find something new. Last year it was neo-punky-goth crap, this year its trashy 80's stuff, and due to the war in Iraq we have military in fashion. And school girl. By summer I guess it will be hippy time, since the war will be over.

can't we all just, be ourselves?
I "heart" pink!
Muah ha ha...ew pink shoes are stupid.

I do like pink, but not that...
Yeah, big companies need to make more money to feed whatever destitute soul they have left.
I'm r-r-rambling.
i used to have shoes like that...
when i was 10!
i kinda wish i could find them(and that they still fit). and that they werent super trendy! :o